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Seller Inspection

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Sellers should consider a home inspection to attract more buyers, show it better, and sell it faster!

A home inspection can show your buyers that your house is in good condition. And chances are, they have one less thing to worry about meaning they will be able to make an offer faster. An inspection report from a credible, certified source is one of the most vital components that buyers will appreciate. Research has shown that buyers will most likely view properties that have been inspected first on their list.

Just think about it, nobody likes unwanted surprises. If a buyer discovers a major issue in the home that they like, it will likely lead to repairs, price renegotiation, and in some cases a dead deal. As a seller it’s not ideal to waste time like that, and as a buyer too. So if you have your home inspected before putting it on the market, it will allow you to fix up any problems. It will save the buyer stress and not allow them to negotiate. Also, if any major problems are found, buyers are able to terminate the offer, ask for crazy amounts for repair or a huge price reduction.

Call HPIgroup.ca today for a home inspection to attract more buyers and get your asking price!