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Buyer Inspection

Buying a new home? We’re glad you found us!

Hiring a home inspector to examine a property before you make an offer is one of the wisest decisions on the path to home ownership!

You don’t want to discover all the things that need fixing AFTER you move in, so it’s best to have a home inspector take a complete look at your home. A few hundred dollars could end up saving you thousands, we can’t stress this enough! It will also save you from headaches, time wasted, and stress! By having someone inspect your home, you will also be able to gauge how much of an offer you feel is fair when purchasing your new house! Sometimes, even the previous owner is not aware of the state of their house, so having a home inspector is the best way to ensure both parties are treated fairly in the transaction.

It’s really simple, purchasing a property is one of the greatest investments you will make in your lifetime, so wouldn’t it make sense to check and double check the whole house to make sure you find no unwanted surprises?

Call HPIgroup.ca today and our professionals can offer you a peace of mind! Our desire is to make sure you and your family can enjoy your new home, so we are more than happy to work with you to figure out a custom inspection and budget that works for you!